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Whats Vaastu-

Vaastu Architects has quickly established itself as
a leading architectural firm since its founding in
2022. With a focus on sustainability, durability,
health, safety, comfort, and peace, the firm has
developed a reputation for delivering exceptional
design solutions that exceed clients' expectations.

Vaastu Architects utilizes the
principles of Vaastu Shastra in its
designs, which help to create
harmonious and positive living
spaces. By combining this ancient
Indian architectural system with
their expertise in architecture and
design, Vaastu Architects is able to
create homes that are not only
aesthetically pleasing but also
promote a healthy and happy

The firm offers a wide range of
architectural and consultancy
services, including Traditional and
Modern Home Designs, commercial
building designs, Apartments
designing, Interior Designs, Land
Surveys, Structural designs, and
more. Each project is handled with
utmost care and attention to detail,
ensuring that the client's vision is
brought to life.


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Build A Premium Space

At Vaastu Arcs we trust in customer
satisfaction and well being. That is
why our organisation focuses on
creating a superior and robust
architectural blueprint for your house
or commercial structure, assuring its
lifetime. We also assist our customers
in achieving their desired aesthetics
while also providing a cosy sense.

Connect With Peace.

Vaastu Arcs' principal moto while
creating infrastructure is to follow a
predefined long followed set of Vastu-
Shastra laws that distribute the
directions and settings of each piece
of infrastructure while at the same
time maintaining the modern aesthetics.


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Why use Vastu in

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian
science that emphasizes the importance
of aligning architecture with the natural
and cosmic energies surrounding us. For
centuries, this practice has been used to
create harmonious living spaces that
promote physical and mental well-being,
prosperity, and happiness. In modern
times, Vastu architecture has become
popular as people recognize
the benefits of living in a space that is
designed to promote positive energy
flow. Research has shown that
integrating Vastu principles in home
design can lead to improved sleep,
reduced stress levels, and increased
overall happiness.

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Vaastu Arcs is committed to providing its clients with
sustainable, durable, and functional designs that
promote health, safety, comfort, and peace. The firm
values excellence, attention to detail, and a
collaborative approach to design. Additionally, Vaastu
Arcs adheres to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, an
ancient Indian architectural system that focuses on
creating positive and harmonious living spaces.

Designed to take care of all Vastu Shastra Standards.

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Stockroom, Laundry place, Septic Tank, Restroom, Study Room, Car/Bike Parks.

No.  2


Holy Place, Treasury place, Open spaces, Living Area, Restroom, Foyer.

No.  3


Foyer, Holy place, Yoga Room, Verandah, Underground-water Tank.

No.  4


Holy Place, Dining room, Children Bedroom, Study room, Restroom, Stairway.

No.  5


Hallway, Best for Tulsi and Basil Plant.

No.  6


Foyer, Open Spaces, Visitor's Room, Living Area, Study room, Kitchen.

No.  7


Starway, Master-Bedroom, Apparels and Clothing Storage, Dress-up Area, Overhead water-tank, Heavy Objects.

No.  8


Kitchen, Stairway, Provision room, Bedroom (Head towards South), Stockroom.

No.  9


Kitchen (East facing), Electric meter, Storage for oils or ghee.

We take care to operate in compliance with Vastu Shastra principles.

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With Vaastu Arcs, you will come down to fundamentals and appreciate nature's beauty.

What is our vision?

Hello, I am Jay Kumar, founder and senior engineer of Vaastu Arcs. I am delighted to share with you about our company, which is based around the principles of Vaastu architecture. We are civil engineering graduates from Himachal Pradesh and started our journey in 2017. After working as site engineers at different companies, we realized the importance of creating designs that align with nature and promote positivity in our surroundings.

At Vaastu Arcs,we specialise in basic to expert level designs, ensuring that even those with no technical knowledge can grasp our drawings.

- Jay Kumar

Jay Kumar

Architect in Vaastu Arcs

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We believe in you as much as you believe in us, and Vaastu Arcs is here to make a commitment to improving your life.

We've discovered a technique to avoid stress and reconnect with our roots. We think that reintroducing nature into your life will provide you with the needed respite, motivation, or inspiration.

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